girl swimming

Swimming Shape Up and Slim Down

Mid summer, you’re relaxing at the pool maybe the beach, getting tan, watching the kids, enjoying the wonderful day. Take advantage of the opportunity surrounding you. A workout at your pool or the beach might not be the first place you think of when you’re looking to shape up and slim down. A good workout in the water burns calories, kicks up your metabolism, and firms and tones every muscle in your body and the best part, no real stress on your joints, this is why doctors everywhere recommend swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle. While swimming is an effective workout, it’s also kind to your body. The buoyancy you experience in water negates gravity, so you become almost weightless, giving your joints and muscles the resistance they need with no strain or pain on the joints.

How Swimming Works

A good swimming workout is effective due to a balance of aerobics and muscle activity. You don’t have to be a water baby or a great swimmer to benefit. An easy swim is very effective, why, because water is much denser than air, every kick, arm push and pull is like a hard resistance workout for every muscle in your body especially your back, hips, arms, shoulders and stomach. So in addition to a cardio workout which gets the metabolism burning calories as you swim, you are building and toning muscle.

Swimming Easy Does it.

Don’t hit the pool with the expectations of a trained swimmer. Start slow, don’t jump into the water planning to swim top speed for a half hour, The key to an effective swim workout is splitting it into short segments, use a variety of swimming and rest intervals, use different swimming strokes, It’s fun, as well as an effective workout.

How to get started

A good starter workout: Swim a few lengths of the pool at an easy effort if you need to catch your breath at the wall between lengths that’s fine, rest for 30 seconds. You want to swim the length of the pool 8 to 10 times. Try that two or three days a week for the first couple weeks. If you haven’t been swimming for a while, use simple strokes, freestyle, backstroke and breast strokes while swimming are the easiest to learn and are a very effective strokes for your swimming workout. Freestyle is the easiest, we all know how to do a basic freestyle, backstroke improves your posture by working your back and shoulder muscles and breaststroke uses the hip and inner-thigh muscles, which could be missed in other workout routines. A quick search will give you complete instruction of proper execution of a backstroke and a breast stroke,they are easy to learn and very very effective.

This summer take advantage of the pool and the beach. Loose a few inches, tone up and get healthy… GO SWIMMING…