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How to Choose an Internist

An Internist may be one of the most important health care practitioners that you ever need. Finding and choosing the right one is critical. An internist specializes in preventing and treating diseases and conditions of internal organs. An internist has more education in adult medicine than a general practitioner does. There are two types of internists: general Internists and specialists. Some examples of internists who practice within a sub-specialty of internal medicine are cardiologists, endocrinologists and gastroenterology.

Decide if you want a General Internist or Specialist

Think about whether your current health situation calls for short-term or long-term care. If you have a situation that needs urgent attention, you may need immediate short-term care . It may eventually turn into a long-term care situation. If you are in reasonably good health and want to find an internist with whom you can establish a relationship, you will look for long-term care.

Consult with your primary care physician for advice. You may be able to place a call to the office staff for this purpose. Or, you may need to make an appointment and go in for an office visit. Explain to the staff or your primary care physician why you may want to see an internist. They will direct you appropriately.

Consult with People You Trust for a Recommendation

Ask your health care practitioners for a recommendation. Ask your primary care physician and other specialists you know. Generally, you do not need to make an appointment to do this. Call the office staff and ask if the doctor recommends a particular internist.

Ask family members and trusted friends for a recommendation. Make sure you ask about the things that are important to you. If manners matters to you, ask around for an internist with a good beside manner. If thoroughness is most important; direct your questions in that regard.

Most important, make an appointment with a selected internist and consult them as to your condition and his recommendations.