choosing a doctor for your baby

Choosing a doctor for your baby

Choosing the right doctor for your baby is an important decision: You’ll be visiting the doctor’s office many times in the babies first year for routine well-baby visits and inoculations.

When should I begin my search for a doctor?

Some parents know which doctor or practice they want for their baby based on recommendations and referrals, But many start the search during pregnancy and arrive at a decision when they’re seven or eight months along.

Making a decision well before the baby is born allows for an informed, well-considered choice. It’s a good idea to start contacting and speaking to a list of physicians about four months before your due date. This way when the baby is born you have your pediatrician in place.

What kind of practitioner should I look for?

Many parents take their baby to a pediatrician, a doctor who specializes in the care of children. Focusing on children’s health and practicing with children of all ages each day gives pediatricians a leg up when it comes to expertise on children’s medical issues.

Where can I get names of doctors to consider?

You should ask friends and family with young children about the experience and relationship they have with their Childs pediatrician, you can ask your obstetrician or midwife for recommendations as well.

And be sure to consult with the doctors before you select one, make sure your choice of pediatrician shares your parenting philosophies and general outlook on your child’s health

How will I know if a doctor will be suitable for us?

There are many things to look for in a doctor, and what’s most important for you may not even be on someone else’s mind. So rather than just gathering a list of names, try asking some questions of whoever makes the recommendation, such as:

  • How does your child respond to the doctor?
  • Does the doctor seem to enjoy working with children?
  • Does the doctor seem to know about the latest medical advances?
  • Does the doctor welcome questions?
  • Does the doctor take time to discuss problems and listen to your concerns?
  • If it’s a group practice, do you know and like the other doctors?
  • Is the office staff patient and helpful?
  • How long do you usually have to wait?
  • Is the waiting room pleasant and kid-friendly?
  • Is parking plentiful and convenient?
  • Is there anything you don’t like or wish was different about your child’s doctor or her practice?