10 Tips for staying healthy

  1. Eat a healthy Breakfast

    After a long night’s sleep it is important to refuel. It will help you get your day started with energy. Some ideas for quick, healthy breakfast: Peanut butter on toasted whole-grain bread, Yogurt with fruit, Cheese slices on toast, and Fruit on cereals

  2. Eat a healthy variety of foods

    Your body needs nutrients and many different vitamins and minerals from a variety of foods. Balancing food choices are important learn from the Food Guide Pyramid and eat recommended servings checking nutrition labels will help you to get the nutrients you need.

  3. Get moving….

    Walk, bike or jog a little activity goes a long way. Climb stairs instead of taking an escalator. Try to do something active for a total of 30 minutes every day.

  4. Participate in activities you enjoy

    Always start with warm-ups to get the muscles going. Do 20 minutes of an aerobic activity followed by activities that will make you h3er a few laps in a pool will work wonders.

  5. Choose healthy snacks

    It is wise to choose snacks from different food groups. Fruits and nuts are filling and packed with nutrition

  6. Include whole grains and fiber in your diet

    Pasta, whole-wheat bread or bagels and pita. Brown and wild rice also make a great choice

  7. Drink plenty of water

    Your body is 65% water. That shows how important water is to your body. Make sure you drink a total of 8 glasses of water each day. That can include the water from foods such as fruits.

  8. Include others in your activities

    Take a dog for a walk. Walk or workout with a friend.

  9. Having FUN is important

    Try new things, this can be in activities or food. Never be afraid to try….who knows you might just like it. And your body will thank you in the end.

See your doctor Make sure you visit your doctor for well care including an anule physical if you are on medication, make sure the doses and prescribes medications are still effective, there are new medications available consult your doctor about options.